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The Postal Employees’ Relief Fund (PERF) exists to help active and retired postal employees, both management and craft, whose home, as a result of a major natural disaster was completely destroyed or left uninhabitable--displacing the postal employee and their family for an extended period of time. The Fund provides small relief grants to assist qualifying victims of such circumstances re-establish residence and to help replenish basic necessities in the aftermath of a devastating loss. If you have been a victim of a major disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, flood, wildfire, or earthquake, and meet the criteria described above, we urge you to print and complete the APPLICATION FORM on this website and mail it, along with required documentation, to PERF.

To avoid creating processing delays for yourself and other applicants, we urge applicants to review the criteria and rule page on this site before submitting any request for aid. Please note all applications must be vetted and countersigned by a designated local committee or designee. All relief requests must be received within 120 days of the incident.    

The Grantors of the Fund are the Postmaster General and the Presidents of the National Association of Letter Carriers, American Postal Workers Union, National Postal Mail Handlers Union, National Rural Letter Carriers Association, National Association of Postal Supervisors, National League of Postmasters of the United States, and National Association of Postmasters of the United States.
Each of the Grantors selects an individual to represent their organization on the Fund’s Executive Committee, which handles the day-to-day operations of the Fund.

PERF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization operated by the various management and union organizations of the U.S. Postal Service to benefit postal employees. The Fund was created in 1990 to assist postal employees affected by Hurricane Hugo and the California earthquake, and to provide a permanent process to assist postal employees who become victims of a major natural disaster. The Fund has provided thousands of grants totaling millions of dollars to active and retired postal employees impacted by hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires and isolated house fires.

The Fund is here to assist our postal families in their time of need. If you have any questions, call 202-408-1869 or email your question or comment to:



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Postal Employees' Relief Fund
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PERF is operated by:

United States
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National Association
of Letter Carriers

American Postal
Workers Union

National Postal
Mail Handlers Union

National Rural Letter Carriers Association

National Association
of Postmasters
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National League
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of the United States

National Association
of Postal Supervisors